For Couriers, Express and parcel  companies

kernTerminal Benefits for CEP

At kernTerminal, we aim to make package delivery simple, intuitive and fast for our clients and yours. Our smart lockers provide convenience, optimization and efficiency 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Couriers locker software

kernTerminal Software benefits for CEPs

We have software that adapts to the needs of Couriers, Express and parcel companies since we have a long history worldwide within the sector, guiding, giving support and looking for the best solution based on the needs of the area, the market, and the demand of the logistic company.

If the needs require it, the software can be customized and integrated with the existing application of the shipping company, always with maximum security of data security, as well as the latest connectivity solutions..

Advantages of the optimization process

Optimization of the processes

CEP providers can optimize all the processes, from the drop-off of the parcels to the pick-up. Couriers will be more efficient and quick, and deliverability will reach 100%.

Lower Delivery Costs

As our smart locker will simplify the delivery routes, and delivery flows, using them will reduce last-mile delivery costs substantially.

Clear Line

Smart Lockers for CEP are software and sensor observed that will record all the transactions. The CEP provider, as well as the customer, will have peace of mind knowing that the process is secure and safe and just the carrier or the recipient will be able to open the locker.

Simplify Delivery Routes

Couriers can prebook and drop off several shipments to the smart locker at the same time, so it will reduce vehicle movement and will lead to higher efficiency and productivity.

Improve security

Couriers deposit the recipient’s package to a secure steel system to reduce the risk of the package being stolen, lost or given to the wrong person.

kernTerminal Benefits for CEP Users

Open 24/7

100% deliverability

Contactless usage

Parcel pick up
and returns

and user Friendly

Accesible for disabled person

Why choose kernTerminal lockers solutions for CEPs

We know the market

Our core market is Europe, and we know the European CEP market in detail with terminal networks very well. In particular, we know how it works, the players, and the customers.

Monitoring Tool

Our offer includes a management and monitoring tool, giving you all parcels and lockers events in real-time mode.

This tool includes Business Intelligence to analyze operations in real time and thus optimize flows.

We know your challenges

We know how to work in partnership with the client, its partners and the necessary supporting parties to achieve the project goals in the agreed time.​ We understand realistic scheduling, job planning, and how to manage customs.


The highest level of innovation and practical implementation is guaranteed by many years of experience constructing and operating global network solutions in all sectors, particularly in CEP.

We have a long history of installing locker networks, such as environmental conditions, site fauna, and flora, and a significant trajectory in managing small and large projects using resources profitably.

The eye level partner you were looking for

We can advise, develop, produce, and operate to satisfy your company’s needs.

There's no job too small

We know hot to manage small and large projects using resources profitably.

We build massive networks

We build locker networks worldwide; we have a nationwide network of supporters and partners across the entire value chain of network creation and operations. Our established service crew provides already maintenance and fast local support for many last-mile locations.

We know how to innovate

We use our knowledge as the creator and operator of locker networks to constantly improve and rethink the necessary technology in software, hardware, and service. We develop and produce at a very high value-added level to not lose know-how. Our global customers present us with daily challenges, for which we develop scalable solutions that lead to significant improvements across all customers.

We reduce operating costs

Sustainable, low-maintenance hardware, low energy consumption, process-optimized operating software, seamless monitoring and service-oriented remote-control technology.

How to get closer to the users?

Due to the compact design and the possibility of autonomous operation, even the most minor locations can be used. This enables the evaluation of entirely new locations close to the user and a fast and dynamic expansion of the locker network. Later conversion and expansion are possible at any time.

Our solution is complete

Our solution consists of hardware, software, and service.

The hardware consists of many combinable lockers for all applications, and customizations are also possible. Our software is 100% white label capable and consists of operating software, managing-, monitoring-, and business intelligence tools, front end to the customer, operating staff, and carrier. Our service ranges from site management, project management, delivery, and installation, as well as maintenance, support, and business consulting.

Software Solution

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you scale your business model and make it more profitable. You can take over some ready-made software, and others we can customize together. All Solutions can be used as white-label software with a centralized backend, frontend on the locker screen, or APP (iOS/Android). Our solutions contain a Monitoring and Management Tool (MMT) and Business Intelligence (BI) for big and small organizations.

Software types

Option 1. SaaS

Software as a service is constantly evolving. You benefit from constantly driving forward innovative developments. Whether you need a complete package with frontend and backend or just integration for operation, we put together the SaaS solution according to your needs and develop it further together.

Option 2. Perpetual

With a permanent license, you can keep costs under control, especially in small networks and single locations. Use the solution as is and design your updates as needed. Is your network growing, and do you want to decide on SaaS? You can do this at any time without any problems.

Let us solve all your doubts

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project and solve all the doubts and questions you may arise.