Smart Lockers Solutions

Helping to Automate Retailers

kernTerminal Benefits for Retailers

At kernTerminal, we aim to make product delivery and return simple, intuitive, and fast for your customers. Our smart lockers will provide you with comfort, optimization of the sales and returns process, and efficiency during the hours your establishment is open.

kernTerminal Software benefits for Retailers

We have software that adapts to the needs of each retail company since we have a long history worldwide within the retail sector, guiding, supporting, and seeking the best solution based on the needs of the company, the market, and the demand of the company.

If your needs require it, the software can be customized to integrate with the current applications or platform, always with maximum data security and the latest connectivity solutions.

How to improve the Omnichannel Experience with Smart Retails Lockers

If you want to facilitate a seamless customer experience, an Omnichannel process is what you are looking for.
Single-channel commerce will limit selling in one way, but with multichannel retail, you will have multiple ways to make sales, such as in-store, click&collect or online.

Digitization of operation

As a retailer, you should reduce the retail operation, such as bills, registrations or operating manuals, to reduce personnel and handling costs. Our smart lockers will do the same, helping you to aim this matter, reduce waiting time for your customer, and create a more efficient work environment for the business.


You can place our lockers outdoors or indoors, giving customers access to orders 24/7. You can also give the option of picking up the order the same day they make the purchase.

Optimize the sales process

Automated self-service lockers can make a customer purchase collection as easy and quick as ordering, paying online and picking up their goods in the closest retail smart locker.

Driving traffic into the store

If the smart retail locker is inside a store, it will mean that it will attract more foot traffic. It equates to a higher volume of opportunities to market and encourages customers to drive in to buy something from the store. It will boost sales due to this increased foot traffic.

Elevating the customer experience

Customers won’t have to wait to pick up their goods. They will place an online order, and after the store drop-off the order in the locker, their customer to pick up the order. Customers will pick their goods up 24/7 from the lockers quickly and easily without having to ask for help or wait in line.
This easy customer flow will improve customer satisfaction and the efficiency and optimization of the retail Omnichannel experience.

Streamlining the returns

Returns are always challenging for any business, so it is vital to streamline the returns as most of our processes take place online.
With a smart retail locker on your business, you will make the product return processes easier, so customers will be more confident to buy the goods if they have free and easy return shipping.

kernTerminal Benefits for Retailers Users

No queues

Easy to use

Contactless usage

Mobile and user Friendly

Fast pick-up and drop-off of orders

Accesible for disabled person

Parcel pick up
and returns

Good return

Why choose kernTerminal lockers solutions for Retailers

We know the Retail market

Our core market is Europe, and we know the European Retail market in detail with terminal networks very well. In particular, we know how it works, the players, customers, and the store and customer needs.

We know the retail challenges

Thanks to our long history within the sector, we know all the challenges the retail industry faces, so we anticipate demands and create solutions to meet the company’s needs.

Monitoring Tool

Our offer includes a management and monitoring tool that provides you with all order collection and delivery events in real-time.
This tool includes Business Intelligence so that the company can analyze operations in real-time and thus optimize flows.

Optimizing your customer experience

Due to the compact design and the wide range of solutions that we offer, with our lockers, you will be able to provide a unique service and attention to your customers, facilitating both the collection and return of the products without having to wait in long lines.

Experience in the Retail industry

The highest level of innovation and practical implementation is guaranteed by many years of experience building and operating global network solutions in all sectors, particularly the retail industry.

We know how to innovate

We use our knowledge as the creator and operator of locker networks to constantly improve and rethink the necessary technology in software, hardware, and service. We develop and produce at a very high value-added level to not lose know-how. Our global customers present us with daily challenges, for which we develop scalable solutions that lead to significant improvements across all customers.

There's no job too big

We know how to manage small and large projects using resources profitably. We have various solutions focused on the retail sector to optimize store flows and customer satisfaction.

Giving you a complete solution

Our solution consists of hardware, software, and service.

The hardware consists of many combinable lockers for all applications; it is also possible to customize them. We have a locker specifically for returns, which is fast and efficient for customers and store staff.

Our software is 100% white label compatible and consists of various tools, from administration tools, monitoring, and business intelligence, front-end for the client.

Our service includes different aspects, from site management, project management, delivery, installation, maintenance, support, and business consulting.

Why choose kernTerminal lockers solutions for Retailers

Hardware features of our Smart Lockers for Retailers

1. Design adapted to your needs

Each locker has a control unit. This can be equipped with physical controls such as a touchscreen, scanner, loudspeaker, etc., or everything can be completely controlled via an app.

2. Easy to install

With kernTerminal you can optimally adapt the hardware to the challenges of the location.

3. Protected systems

Our lockers can be powder coated in any color and resist all environmental influences.

The construction of the lockers offers a high level of protection against manipulation, burglary, and vandalism.

Software Solution

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you scale your business model and make it more profitable. You can take over some ready-made software, and others we can customize together. All Solutions can be used as white-label software with a centralized backend, frontend on the locker screen, or APP (iOS/Android). Our solutions contain a Monitoring and Management Tool (MMT) and Business Intelligence (BI) for big and small organizations.

Let us solve all your doubts

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project and solve all the doubts and questions you may have.