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We define digital access to space

Distribution and delivery of goods is changing. It will be faster, easier, cheaper and more sustainable. To do this, we need new technologies and processes.
That – is exactly our strength and experience.

what is kernterminal

What is it?

For us, a locker is a space with digital access to different rooms. We can help to use this space as effectively and efficiently as possible to run your business model as profitably.

The locations of the lockers are as unique as the intelligent software solutions behind them. We aim to find a common solution that allows you to focus on your business and achieve reach, simplicity, and security with us.

Through our experience as developers, producers, and operators of lockers and worldwide locker networks, we have learned that the small details make the difference in striking a balance between costs, quality, sustainability, and scalability.

We learn from the operation of lockers in our own and our customer networks, and we pass this experience on to you in the construction, operation, or modernization of your last-mile solution.

kernTerminal Advantages

Open 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

Adds new sales opportunities to all types of businesses.

Customers can pick up their orders on their way home or to work.

Our Terminals are equipped with the latest technology.

They allow the delivery and return of packages in a very simple way.

The Software has Management and Monitoring tools including BI Analysis.

They can be installed both indoors and outdoors with total guarantee.

They can be installed in offices, streamlining the process of delivering orders to employees.

Hardware Features

1. Design adapted to your needs

Modular design

Each locker has a control unit. This can be equipped with physical controls such as a touchscreen, scanner, loudspeaker, etc., or everything can be completely controlled via an app.

Each module can be operated indoors or outdoor.

The locker can be specified with short roofs and light.

You can add or remove modules of the locker anytime.

design adapted to your needs
kernterminal lockers are easy to install

2. Easy to install


With kernTerminal you can optimally adapt the hardware to the challenges of the location.

3. Protected systems

Materials and safety

kernTerminal uses a balanced composition of metal and plastic to keep a balance of the lockers between durability, robustness, and cost.

Our lockers can be powder coated in any color and resist all environmental influences.
The construction of the lockers offers a high level of protection against manipulation, burglary, and vandalism.

kernterminal protected systems

Location possibilities


Bring added value to the neighborhood, reduce delivery traffic and integrate local trade and service providers.


Offer intelligent access to facilities and handover for employees, students and service providers and suppliers.


Use your location network to give society added value in last-mile delivery.

Health Care

Use our digital access to your storage areas for medical but also other logistical goods for your customers and employees.


Central points in public transport are ideal for handing over goods and changing batteries in micromobility. Use your locations as a potential for environmental protection.


Redesign intralogistics in your company, and arrange logistics flows securely and transparently, even with changing staff and home office.


Reduce logistics expenses and traffic, use off-peak times for delivery and guarantee dropping off on the first delivery attempt.


Use your central shop location in addition to click & collect to increase your flow of customers through CEP customers and thereby reduce delivery traffic in your area.


Design the last mile in your city, give local trade a 24/7 tool, and offer your residents intelligent infrastructure.

Software Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions to help you scale your business model and make it more profitable. You can take over some ready-made software, and others we can customize together. All Solutions can be used as white-label software with a centralized backend, frontend on the locker screen, or APP (iOS/Android). Our solutions contain a Monitoring and Management Tool (MMT) and Business Intelligence (BI) for big and small organizations.

Courier, Express and Parcel Services (CEP)



Smart City and Residential

Software types

Option 1. SaaS

Software as a service is constantly evolving. You benefit from constantly driving forward innovative developments. Whether you need a complete package with frontend and backend or just integration for operation, we put together the SaaS solution according to your needs and develop it further together.

Option 2. Perpetual

With a permanent license, you can keep costs under control, especially in small networks and single locations. Use the solution as is and design your updates as needed. Is your network growing, and do you want to decide on SaaS? You can do this at any time without any problems.

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